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"Neot Mataim" Residential

compound at Ofaqim 

Our office won the first Price in Architectural competition for Planning the "Neot Mataim" Residential compound in the town of Ofaqim.

All the Residential Units of the complex were designed as LEED oriented, implementing principles of sustainable planning, adapted to the climate conditions of Ofaqim. The various types of dwellings, characterized by the same design language, allowing maximum freedom of choice by the residents, and allow them to expand the house gradually.



"European Velo Stops" Contest

The EuroVelo Consisting of 15 long distance cycle bike routes that interconnect, it makes the entire European continent now accessible by bicycle. The EuroVelo 6 route is a path that explores the European rivers. Connecting paths that follow sections of the Loire and the Danube Rivers, and castles along the 4,400 km long route.

THE EUROPEAN VELO STOP is an iconic structure that can easily be erected on various soil types, without affecting the site ecosystem. The Velo Tourism Stop Cabin is available in a variety of modular options and in different sizes, all using the same basic structural components, while keeping a similar visual appearance.

Neot Haprahim Residence Compound for the IDF

Our office won the first Price for Architectural Planning of the "Neot Haprahim" Residential compound at the city of OR AKIVA.

The project was divided into two Sub Compounds: A – Cottages and "Garden-Roof Apartments, B- 6 and 8 Stories Buildings.

The complex includes a variety of Apartments types: 5-6 rooms Garden Apartments, 5-7 rooms "Roof Apartments", Cottages of different sizes

(4 to 7 rooms).

Hadarim House

Hadarim House in Petah Tiqva is an offices buildings Campus. The buildings sloped Facades and the transparent elevators create interesting geometric variety around the internal plaza. Terracing the buildings in the plan and in the section creates a gate-like structure at the Campus entrance. The citrus trees in the square, gives the viewer a hint of the orchards that once were there. The golden colors of the stone and glass walls Integrates into the view of the square.



Zohar House

Zohar House in Petah Tikva is an office and commercial building.

The building will be constructed using industrial methods that combine components made of concrete, glass and steel.

An internal space (atrium) that passes through the entire building vertically, allows natural light to penetrate into the internal spaces of the building, and enriches the user experience. The building cores and transparent elevators are exposed, and allow a glance at its different parts. The outer curtain walls wrap the prefabricated parts of the building, and shape its unique form.



יעקב לנדא אדריכלים ומתכנני ערים בע"מ / רח' ראול וולנברג 22 א' ת"א 6971918 / טל' 03-6492081, פקס' 03-6479634 / http://www.landa.co.il : y@landa.co.il

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