Architecture Competitions

"Neot Mataim" Residential

compound at Ofaqim 

Our office won the first Price in Architectural competition for Planning the "Neot Mataim" Residential compound in the town of Ofaqim.

All the Residential Units of the complex were designed as LEED oriented, implementing principles of sustainable planning, adapted to the climate conditions of Ofaqim. The various types of dwellings, characterized by the same design language, allowing maximum freedom of choice by the residents, and allow them to expand the house gradually.



"European Velo Stops" Contest

The EuroVelo Consisting of 15 long distance cycle bike routes that interconnect, it makes the entire European continent now accessible by bicycle. The EuroVelo 6 route is a path that explores the European rivers. Connecting paths that follow sections of the Loire and the Danube Rivers, and castles along the 4,400 km long route.

THE EUROPEAN VELO STOP is an iconic structure that can easily be erected on various soil types, without affecting the site ecosystem. The Velo Tourism Stop Cabin is available in a variety of modular options and in different sizes, all using the same basic structural components, while keeping a similar visual appearance.

פרויקט נאות הפרחים אור עקיבא עבור מנהלת המגורים של צה"ל

מיזם המגורים "נאות הפרחים" ברובע אור ים באור עקיבא, מנוהל ע"י מנהלת המגורים של צה"ל. הפרויקט מיועד למשרתי הקבע בצה"ל. קביעת המתכננים נעשתה בדרך של תחרות תכנון אדריכלית. הפרויקט חולק לשני מתחמים (שלבים): מתחם א – צמודי קרקע ודירות "גן - גג", מתחם ב' – בניה רוויה.

משרדנו זכה בתחרות לתכנון מתחם א'.

במתחם מגוון של סוגי מגורים אשר תוכננו בשפה עיצובית אחידה: דירות גן בנות 5-6 חדרים, דירות גג בנות 4-7 חדרים, קוטג'ים בגדלים שונים מ-4 עד 7 חדרים. כל יחידת דיור ניתנת לביצוע במספר שלבים. התכנון מאפשר שינויים והתאמות לתנאי שטח שונים ומגוונים.

פרויקט נאות הפרחים אור עקיבא עבור מנהלת המגורים של צה"ל

מיזם המגורים "נאות הפרחים" ברובע אור ים באור עקיבא מנוהל ע"י מנהלת המגורים של צה"ל. תחרות תכנון מתחם ב' נועדה לתכנון בניה רוויה בבנינים בני 6 ו-8 קומות.

בהצעתנו 2 סוגי בניינים בעלי תמהיל דירות מגוון: דירות בנות 3,4,5,6 חדרים, אשר תוכננו בעקרונות אדריכליים זהים:

ניצול השיפוע הקיים בחלקה לשם מתן חניות מקורות, ללא חפירה, תוך הגדלת שטח הגינה הפרטית לדירה שמעליהן. הבניינים מאופיינים במרפסות פינתיות המאפשרות מבט פנורמי מהדירות. חזיתות הבניין, מתייחסות לרחוב ולפארק המצוי בעורף המגרשים.

Neot Haprahim Residence Compound for the IDF
Our office won the first Price for Architectural Planning of the "Neot Haprahim" Residential compound at the city of OR AKIVA.

The project was divided into two Sub Compounds: A – Cottages and "Garden-Roof Apartments, B- 6 and 8 Stories Buildings.

The complex includes a variety of Apartments types: 5-6 rooms Garden Apartments, 5-7 rooms "Roof Apartments", Cottages of different sizes

(4 to 7 rooms).

Neot Haprahim Residencefor the IDF

Compound B
The "Neot Haprahim" residential project "Or Akiva" is managed by the IDF's Residential Administration. Compound B is composed of 6 and 8 stores buildings. Our proposal, is based on two types of buildings with a diverse mix of apartments: 3,4,5,6 rooms, which were designed with the same architectural principles: The buildings are characterized by corner balconies that allow a panoramic view of the apartments. The facades of the building relate to the street and the park located on the back of the lots.

The National Library of Israel

The building is designed as an "Iconic" building part of the nation's institutions. Its shape creates associative links to the concepts: library, book, knowledge etc.

The level differences between Ruppin and Kaplan Streets utilized to create two impressive entrance plazas with visual axis from Ruppin Street, through the building to the Knesset (Israeli parliament).
The impressive central hall is covered with a tent-like wall and separates the study wing from the administrative wing. The building includes a rich variety of interior spaces linked to gardened inner Atriums.



Clinics Prototypes for the IDF

These clinics have won first place in architectural design competition for the IDF.   Three models (types) of clinics were designed:
A - Small clinic, B - Medium Clinic (2 stories), C - Large Clinic (2 Stories).
The architectural design enables changes and adjustments to various sites and changing needs of Clinics. It also allows enlargement of the clinics over the years.
All prototypes are natural lighted and have energy saving shading system.


Entrance Complexes Prototypes for the IDF
These models have won first place in architectural design competition for the IDF.
Two main types were designed: A - small entrance complex, B – large entrance complex.
The architectural design enables changes and adjustments to various site conditions. All prototypes have similar architectural characteristic.



Solar Tower

-"Ashalim" Thermo Solar Power Station

Conceptual design of the tower shell - The typical section of the solar tower shaped as an equilateral triangle, starting wide at the base and getting narrow and twisting with the increase in height. The proposed geometry contributes to the stability of the tower. The tower consists of prefabricated components made ​​of outer shell (stainless steel), inner shell (ordinary steel) and reinforced concrete between shells.


NVC - Newark Visitors Centre 
This competition was part of the Urban Renewal Project of the Passaic River in Newark, New Jersey.
The project main idea was to create the visitors' center as part of an ecological park that will be built on the roof of the building and linked to Raymond Boulevard and the riverbank, taking advantage of the levels difference between Raymond Boulevard and Jersey Street. As part of this vision, waterfalls, pools and water channels were integrated in to the building.
In addition, an official plaza and memorial wall were erected along the various pools.



Hi-tech Park in Kiryat Gat 
This proposal was joint venture with the office of Yehoshua Shoshani Architects.

The complex includes six buildings arranged in three pairs, creating a diagonal axis of traffic and a significant inner-city square.

The design of the three-dimensional buildings includes an Upside-down pyramid as an iconic symbol of the entire complex.



Extension between Alvar Aalto and Central Finland Museums
The competition for extension between the Alvar Aalto Museum and the Museum of Central Finland planned by Alvar Aalto in the city of Jyväskyläis, Finland.
The building itself has a Different and Contrast Character from the existing museums. thus, emphasizes their original character. The roofing structure is hypar pavilion made of wood and glass – common materials used on Finish Architecture. In addition, we preserved the historic stream which will pass through the new wing.


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