Medical centers and Clinics

IDF Officers Academy clinic

The new clinic at the IDF officers Academy ("Bahad 1"), upgrades and incorporates all the medical services needs for IDF units in the region, while complying with the latest building and medical standards.

The clinic was designed and implemented using BIM method (Building Information Modeling).

The architectural design preserves the brutalist style of the Base, by using up-to-date building techniques. Together with the rest of the buildings at the base, it contributes to the creation of a base that has architectural and aesthetic qualities of national scale.

The clinic was designed using the "Open End" method, which enables its future expansion.

IDF Navy clinic

The new clinic at the Navy Training Base, upgrades and incorporates all the medical services required for the unit, while complying with the most up-to-date standards of construction and medical care. The architecture in this clinic is identical to the new design line of clinics in the IDF. This design language is characterized by an architectural truth that exposes the constructive system and enables understanding of the structure to the outside observer. The treatment of the facades in terms of design and materials achieves climatic comfort and energy savings.

Clinics Prototypes for the IDF


These clinics have won the first price in architectural design competition for the IDF. Three models (types) of clinics were designed:
A - Small clinic, B - Medium Clinic

(2 stories), C - Large Clinic (2 Stories).
The architectural design enables changes and adjustments to various sites and changing needs of Clinics. It also allows enlargement of the clinics over the years.
All prototypes are natural lighted and have energy saving shading system.


Medical Center "Gan Hair" in Rishon Lezion


The "Gan Hair" Medical Center, of  "Maccabi Health Services in Rishon Le'Zion - is a regional medical center that offers a wide range of medical and complementary services.

The center area is of 3,850 square meters.
The center provids a variety of modern medical services. In addition, planning allows future adjustments and updates - in accordance with expected technological developments.
The building envelope was designed by Architect Berestovitzky.

Medical Center in Kiryat Gat


The Medical Center, of  "Maccabi Health Services" in Kiryat Gat - is a regional medical center that offers a wide range of medical and complementary services.

The medical center is located in a new Building that includes: Maccabi Health Services, the National Security bureau and Amidar.
The total area of the medical center is about 1700 square meters.
The building envelope was designed by Arch. Mark Segal


Spa - Maccabi Healthcare Services

''Maccabi Tiv'i'' (Naturopathy) by ''Maccabi healthcare services '', is part of the medical center of Gan Hair of Rishon Lezion.

The Naturopathical clinic includes: reflexology, shiatsu, acupuncture, spa and chiropractic.

The functuanal design keeps the patiants privacy.

The decorative design is bases on warm colors and integrates variety of natural elements such as wood, stone, etc. in the construction and the furniture as well. Integration of spaciale light elelments, mosaic works and ornaments contribute to the relactant atmosphere.



"MaccabiDent" Gan Ha'ir, Dental Clinic

This dental clinic is part of the Maccabi "Gan Haair" medical center complex.
The dental clinic includes 8 treatment rooms, two of theme for children, and service areas such as secretaries, administration rooms, assistants, archive, and more.
The design line of the dental clinic matches the medical center design line. The dominant colors are warm, elements of vegetation, art and display and sale cabinets. Provide a sense of relaxation for both patients and staff.



"Maccabi pharm Gan Hair" pharmacy, is part of the "Maccabi Gan Ha'ir" medical center in Rishon Lezion City.

The pharmacy was built as accessible for people with disability. The functional design is flexible and enables easy changes withine the clinic life circle.

The design characteristic is based on clean lines and pastel colors.

A large central space enables the instalation of  sales stands, separated from the waiting area and between themselves.

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