Office Buildings

Schestovitz Building

The building design, exterior and interior, expresses the character of the company and its performance - mainly in marketing and distribution products of personal care, cosmetics perfumery etc.

The building has clean geometric lines with internal and external transparency.
The glass facade implemented, for the first time in Israel, a ceramic coating technique.

Shaham house

The building's Architectural design reflects the company's activity character. It combines solidity with contemporary and modern lines.
The Narrow facade facing the street is a curtain wall delineated by stone walls on the other facades of the building.
The core, that is situated at the rear part of the lot, enables maximum functionality and flexibility in internal changes


Opticana & Toto Building

The Building Design takes into consideration the fact that it houses two separate bodies that are different in their nature.
The building has two wings built around a common internal atrium, which distinguishes between them and enables the independent operation of each of the bodies in a joint building.
The inner space (Atrium) is illuminated by a transparent roof and exposed to the street, internal balconies facing the inner space


Shomera Insurance Company

The building's Architectural design is influenced by its location on a narrow, long lot, located between three streets. The building has a wide and dominant front facing the street. In the center of the building is a central space exposed to the street by a screen wall connecting the two wings of the massive building. On the upper floor, above the Central Atrium, an open garden garden was set up to the sky.


Dan Association Of Towns

The Dan Cities Township Association, named after Caspi, coordinated the association's activities from 1993 until recently.
The building served as a milestone in the urban renewal in south Tel Aviv.
The building's facades and it's Hight give the building an impressive presence on the street. The Street façade dominated by a corner post which creates an entrance space that is half exterior and half interior.
In the high entrance hall, a work of art (wall carpet) was incorporated, presenting the history of Tel Aviv.




Hashmira Security Technologies Building

The building design refers to its location, on the streets corner (Hashaham and Haleshem – P.T.), It's surroundings and the plot size.

The building façade contains:

A - Functional, rectangular office block - facing north and south.

B - Octagonal prism, made of glass curtain walls – facing the streets corners.

C - The building Core, located on the eastern corner of the lot - enables a large uninterrupted space for offices.


Offices Building – Haodem 3

The building's Façade is characterized by a vertical triangular prism that distinguishes the building and defines the entrance to it and to the inner Lobby.

The walls of the office building are covered with white Sand Stone with meticulous joints that functions as a background for the entrance glass prism.

A specific Town Plan was made for the building lot.



Sinai, Insurance Agencies

The building is characterized by its simplicity and design perfection. Its shape is a three-dimensional cube. Three of its façades are identical. On the southern façade which is slightly different contains the Building Core. The square shape of the building appears both in the plan and in its façades.
The building, originally, was planned and built for 5 floors. At a later stage, another floor was added. The new floor preserves the original design concept of the building.


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