Hi-tech Buildings

Orad group Building, Holon

Orad Building hosts the main activity fields (management and service) of Orad Group companies.
The building is built around a cylindrical center (atrium) that passes to its full height. Natural Light enters throw the main void.
The space contains several bridges and flowerbeds that enrich the user experience in the building.

the reflective glazing changes its shades and color according to the seasons of the year and the hours of the day.

Sapir Engineering and Manufacturing HOUSE 

This building hosts the group Head office and management team.

The building consists of two cubic blocks of different character: one is massive built in industrialized method and the other is transparent made of curtain walls. The two blocks penetrate each other and shape the building form.

The building was built in an industrialized construction method that demonstrates the company's execution systems (Shafir Civil and Marine Engineering Ltd.).

​Hasson House

Hasson House in Petah Tikva is a multi-user building for various high-tech companies.

The building consists of two wings for main uses, and a middle area that includes a central space and a Core with a wide operating area behind it.
The building has an impressive central space ("Atrium") with observation balconies and flower beds built into two central pillars in the curtain wall.


Radion Building

The building Design consist of three vertical blocks of the building's core, which are different in texture and material. They create a unique identification of the building, with an orientation towards the entrance. At the same time, these blocks formed an external entrance plaza that takes advantage of the small size of the lot.


Gazit House

A. Gazit house in Petah Tikva was the first of a series of buildings designed by Landa Architects, which Shaped the Ramat Siv (Matalon) quarter.

In the center of the building is an Atrium with internal observation balconies that allow both internal and external views.
On the fifth floor, an additional, garden open Patio was built.
The building is covered with ceramic tiles and stone strips that emphasize its design lines. An expansion plan was prepared for the building.


Palgei Nahal Building

"Pelgi Nachal" Building Ltd. is a multi high-tec. Companies building.

The building façades are covered with gray granite with horizontal window strips. The building has two interior Atriums with a curtain wall facing the street.

Throw the Atriums a daylight comes into the inner spaces.
The pillars of the building are seen from outside. They defines the building silhouette. The building is functional and flexible in the interior design.


Boran Technologies Ltd Building

Two Hi-Tec. Firms inhabit the building: Born Technologies and the Israeli College for Security and Investigations.
The building façades are covered with blue aluminum tiles. They give the unique character of the building on the street.
A large entrance plaza is located in the front of the building. The Core has a unique shape with a truncated three-dimensional corner, which is accompanied by two strips of windows. The window strips create a unique symmetry at the corner of the core.

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